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Understanding how you feel is the first step to a better connection with yourself and the people you love

Our psychologists provide treatment for a range of conditions. If you, or someone you love, is feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unhappy, our experienced psychologists are here to help you understand your emotions and lead a more fulfilling life.

A traumatic life event such as a significant loss, grief, accident or a serious medical condition can profoundly affect your mental health. Recovering can be difficult do to alone. Our psychologists can help you to adjust to your new life, and provide you the support you need to recover.

Anxiety and depression
Trauma and PTSD
Men's mental health

Depression and Anxiety

While low mood and anxiety are a natural and short-lived reaction to stressful situations, for some people these symptoms can continue, and impact daily life.

Self Esteem and Identity

Reduced self-confidence, a poor sense of belonging and feelings of low self-worth can negatively impact how you treat yourself. This can also impact your relationships with others and make it difficult to achieve your goals.

Relationship Issues

Relationships can be as difficult as they are rewarding. However, we are not always well equipped to cope when issues arise. Unhealthy relationships have the potential to cause emotional distress, unhappiness, and serious psychological harm.

Sleep Issues

Sleep is vital to feeling good and being energised for our day. Poor sleep or insomnia can affect our whole functioning. Common effects include persistent fatigue, headaches, low energy, and irritability.

Men's Mental Health

Men of all ages often carry their worries and burdens alone. This can lead to increased risk of depression and anxiety. Asking for help and talking about how you feel needs to be seen as a positive step, not a weakness.

Chronic Pain and Health Conditions

You may have had an accident or illness, which has resulted in an acute health condition. These conditions usually resolve within a normal period of healing. However when the condition persists it can impact life beyond the normal period of healing.

Trauma, Loss, Life Change

In our lifetime we are likely to experience at least one traumatic life event. Whilst we are often able recover from these events without help, some trauma can overwhelm our ability to cope.

Work Related Stress

Many of us experience work-related stress. This can affect our productivity and well-being at work, and it can also impact our well-being in our personal lives.

Health Anxiety

When does worry about your health become a problem? This can be particularly challenging in these times of uncertainty and rapid change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chronic Pain
Work Stress
Sleep Issues
Health Anxiety

Evidence based treatments

Our qualified clinical and health psychologists use evidence-based treatments, backed by research.




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